A MIDI controlled chip-tune synthesizer


The AY–3–8910 Programmable Sound Generator chip was created by General Instrument in the early 80s. It handled music and sound effects duties as part of many early arcade games, pinball machines, and home game consoles. We became fascinated with it after being charmed by the sounds of the chiptune scene (shout-out to Dubmood!), and soon started dreaming of turning the AY chip into a standalone synth. The AY-SYNTH is the happy result.

AY-SYNTH is a constant source of fresh sounds for me. And boy does it stand out in a mix!
— George Cochrane (Give In, Wild & Free)
Keep them fires burnin’ with the AY.
— Kai Prenter (a.k.a Trog of Trog Records)

Everyone, meet our new friend Saad. He was visiting the Bay Area from France and (lucky for us) ended up in our booth at Maker Faire. Saad and AY-SYNTH were fast friends, which totally made our day. This is a short video of the moments after he discovered the POLY button.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.29.30 AM.png

Built to order, with ❤